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Knowledge is POWER, what is BUDDHIST MICROFILM?

If you’ve ever wondered what is microfilm, then read this article to understand this subject properly.

Honestly, this is a very reasonable question. Since it is only used by industry professionals, why would anyone know about it? Not to mention the microfilming process or even scanning microfilm.

See, for the average Joe, he will not even remotely encounter microfilm during his life. But for others, it may well turn out that they have to manage it, or even produce it.

What is microfilm

The definition of microfilm

Microfilm is a micro-photographic type of film, used in the archiving industry. This type of media stores documents which are reduced by 24 or 36 times ( or even more ) to generate micro scale copies of the original documents. It is part of the microform family, alongside the microfiche. The main advantage of microfilm is the estimated lifespan of over 500 years.

What is microfilm used for

As mentioned earlier, archivists, librarians, and other specialized individuals. Institutions require microfilm when they want to preserve information for long-term periods. Now Buddhist Microfilm has started using it to be put in prayer wheels because of the longevity of the film and its ability to withstand elements. Other industries who store on microfilm, are the judicial and pharma industry. The judicial system stores on microfilm because legal aspects tend to be critical aspects of a society. Pharma industry prefers microfilm for its longevity. And this leads us on to another subject.

Libraries, National archives, and other institutions with large archives use microfilm. Consider this, a roll can store up to 2500 documents.

Advantages of microfilm

Microfilm has a very long lifespan, expected to last over 500 years if stored properly. That means your going to be able to keep your mantras a lot longer in your prayer wheels either if its going in your handheld prayer wheel or one that hold billions of mantras! The microfilmed archive is the major insurance policy if we take into account major natural or human cause disasters It provides significant coverage over potential risk factors such as stealing information, copying or even fraudulent manipulation.We see that microfilm uses very little space meaning that you can store millions of pages in very small places.It’s a relatively cheap technology to use and maintain.

Disadvantages of microfilm

Microfilm is still a challenge to use on a daily basis. You need both specialized equipment and experience to use it.Information retrieval can prove difficult if you don’t have the necessary expertise.Digital technology is starting to challenge microfilm in different archiving areasThe industry is running low on experienced personnel but here is where Buddhist Microfilm exceeds we have been in the microfilm business for over 45 years so your microfilm isn't going anywhere if you stick with us!

Microfilm Rolls

Microfilm is spooled on rolls and has different sizes and lengths. The height is either 16mm or 35mm.

So there ya have it there is the gist of Microfilm, it is what Buddhist Microfilm knows and take pride in creating everyday to send out. SO get the word out inform your colleagues tell your sister and father microfilm and prayer wheels they really go hand in hand why use paper when you can use microfilm mantra that will last up to 500 years? Sounds like quiet the catch if you ask us. for more information on what Buddhist Microfilm is see our blog post CLICK HERE

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