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A Few of Our Most Trusted Prayer Wheel Makers

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Heartwood Prayer Wheels

Heartwood Prayer Wheels

Heartwood Prayer Wheels is pleased to offer handmade prayer wheels built according to traditional Tibetan Buddhist specifications and made in accordance to the instructions of Venerable Lama Zopa Rinpoche. Each prayer wheel is custom made with care by Chuck Thomas, who has been making prayer wheels for 15 years. His studio is located in California and ships prayer wheels around the world to dedicated practitioners. For more information and to order a prayer wheel, please visit


Chuck Thomas


Holy Land Prayer Wheels

Holy land prayer wheels (former named  Galgamani Art Project) is a prayer wheel making studio located in Israel and is run by a Buddhist husband and wife team, Micha & Ayelet Strauss.

Micha is the wood turner and Ayelet is the artist that makes all the decorative art on their prayer wheels.

Micha explains: “Our story began when we saw H.E. Garchen Rinpoche in Israel for the first time back in 2008 and fell in love with him and his wooden prayer wheel. We immediately felt a very strong urge to craft prayer wheels like it and started the long journey of studying the subject and talking to different masters to ask for permission and blessings to craft them. Once all was understood and we had all the knowledge and blessings we set off crafting our extra fine handmade prayer wheels to offer the world and have been crafting them ever since. Since we live in Israel we got asked many times to craft prayer wheels for all religions. We spent 3 years talking to different Tibetan masters and people of all religions such as Rabbis and folks of the Christen church and Muslim Sheiks and once all gave us their blessings we started to craft prayer wheels for all religions. That is when we changed our company’s name to Holy Land Prayer Wheels to better suite our definition of prayer wheel makers living in Israel.”


For contact information and ordering prayer wheels please visit their website:


Micha Stauss

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